Our Goals for the St. Louis Region

Impact of the Gateway Accelerate Program on the St. Louis Region

St. Louis has a rich entrepreneurial history and has been the platform for the launch of some of the United States’ most successful companies. Gateway Accelerate, powered by UMSL|Accelerate will focus on helping to grow the St. Louis startup ecosystem to attract international entrepreneurs with the help of top-tier partner organizations and highly skilled mentors.


The Gateway Accelerate program has five main goals:

For UMSL to become an integral member of the St. Louis entrepreneurial community and help foster community growth

To foster cooperation among all the area universities by establishing regional entrepreneurial presence.

To have a positive impact the economic development of the St. Louis region by attracting and retaining international companies to the area as part of University’s mission.

To provide an example of best practices, and a proof of concept program for the St. Louis region.

Engage UMSL students with meaningful internships on campus, internships at the entrepreneurs’ businesses, and through mentorship programs with the entrepreneurs.