St. Louis Mosaic

“The goal of the St. Louis Mosaic Project is for our region to be the fastest growing major metropolitan region by 2020 for foreign born. The 2012 and 2013 studies by Professor Strauss of St. Louis University and work of the Kauffman Foundation have  identified international students and entrepreneurs as key to that growth path for St. Louis. St. Louis Mosaic Project is part of the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership, so talent attraction and job creation are key.  With its Steering Committee of 27 regional leading organizations, including five top universities, St. Louis Mosaic Project sees this UMSL international entrepreneur accelerator as leading the way for our other universities to join in, making St. Louis the first and leading Midwest region for this  international entrepreneurial growth program that adds value to our universities. St. Louis has a top ranked entrepreneurial ecosystem as listed in many national publications. This, coupled with the low cost of living and top city amenities such as a highly ranked symphony, zoo, botanical garden, parks and trails, entrepreneurs can make an international entrepreneur’s funds go further than in coastal regions. “ Betsy Cohen, Executive Director, St. Louis Mosaic Project

The St. Louis Mosaic Project is a regional initiative within the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership and the World Trade Center St. Louis. St. Louis aims to be a cultural mosaic because this community believes that immigrants invigorate our region and drive innovation. Together, we welcome newcomers because they bring new energy, ideas and talent with them. We want to share our community with its great neighborhoods, outstanding schools, plus some of the best hospitals and cultural destinations in the world.

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